Sunday, November 29, 2009

Character spotlight: Hazama

This is Hazama, one of the new playable characters in Blazblue: Continuum Shift. As a new character, his true potential has yet to be discovered, but lots of veterans are counting him out because of his low damage output. While this is true, his attacks look really fast and his drive, Ouroboros, gives him interesting play styles. Ouroboros lets him shoot out chains with spear tips as a projectile, and regardless if it hits the opponent or not, Hazama can slingshot himself forwards and do some pretty trippy stuff. Here's an example of a player in Japan who had discovered some cool tricks with Hazama.

  • 3:05 - As you can see when the match first starts, any good Hazama player can capitalize on a counter hit from his drive attack and immedietely reel himself in for a combo.
  • 3:16 - After hitting Lambda with a low attack, the player goes for an interesting tweak on Hazama's bread and butter combo. Instead using his double jump and continuing the air juggle, he instead lands on the ground and keeps them airborne with another attack, and proceeds to use his chain again to keep pace with his helpless target.
  • 4:10 - after another counter hit with his drive, Hazama hit confirms his Distortion Drive, which tracks the opponent's position regardless. An interesting tidbit to exploit.
  • 5:19 - Hazama's forward throw seems to send the opponent into a diagonal trajectory. Hazama exploits this by hit them with his drive diagonally once, then canceling into a special attack that grabs the target out of the air and swings them down into the ground. He uses his back throw at 5:26 but instead follows up with a horizontal drive.
  • 6:05 - Hazama wins the fight by time out. A lot of players have recognized that Hazama can play a really annoying runaway game since his drive can slingshot him to safety almost every time.
Hazama looks to need a lot of commitment to play correctly. Some may say Hazama only won because there was an actual difference in skill between the two players and not the characters, but Hazama's drive and fast normal attacks make him look like a fun character to play. By the way, his theme song is called Gluttony Fang, and I can't wait to hear the song itself when the CD comes out December 23.

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