Wednesday, November 4, 2009

King Of Fighters XII gets dropped to the embarassing price of $11 USD

Over at Kotaku, the game touted as a revival to classic fighting franchise, King of Fighters XII, has been marked down to ¥980 yen or $11 in US dollars. Even games a year old don't go down that harshly and KOFXII is barely three months out.

Apparently at Bic Camera, one of Japan's biggest electronic chains (think Best Buy but Japanese), has marked the game down because the same copies since it's release have been on the shelves for three whole months. Kind of a failure for a game that was supposed to go toe to toe with Street Fighter IV and Blazblue (both games which averaged more then 80% on metacritic).

Well, I'll be the first to agree that KOFXII pretty much dropped the metaphorical ball. Both of it's contenders had actual content to go with their home console release. Both had extra modes such like a time attack mode or a gallery to view extras that you unlocked. KOF's extra features for home release pretty much amount to play arcade mode and play versus mode online or offline.

Also, it didn't help that the game had certain game breaking glitches.

For those of you not savvy on fighting games, your opponent shouldn't be orbiting around your character after you've powerbombed them from beyond the screen.

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