Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New in depth video of Juri in action

My favorite little scrappy fight game website, iPlay Winner, has got the scoop on some new videos from IGN with Capcom's own Seth Killian giving commentary on the new characters. Everyone's interested in the new girl for the game, Juri. Here's the video that goes in depth on her as a character.

Juri has caused a stir as the first Korean origin character Capcom has ever put into their fighting game, let alone Street Fighter. As the video suggests, she's sort of a female version of Balrog (simplified as Boxer due to Japanese name changes) but instead of being a boxer who only punches, you play as a tae kwon do fighter who only kicks.

Juri looks to be a herald of the coming changes Super Street Fighter IV will bring to the current game mechanics. For one thing, as demonstrated in the video, she has a special attack that causes wall bounce. This is significant because wall bounce usually implies combo opportunities during their helpless state. Another point is her unique counter special moves that allow her to move at will in response to taking damage. Currently this type of counter is only unique to Gouken and his own Kongoshin attack. Typical flow in Street Fighter IV is a slow sort of plodding between fireballs and jump in attacks. These kinds of attacks can be refreshing especially from a spectating perspective.

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