Sunday, November 15, 2009

New video of Blazblue: Continuum Shift

The new intro to Blazblue: Continuum Shift has been unveiled--courtesy of intrepid arcade goers at nicovideo and someone who of course transferred it to YouTube. The high quality version is here but you need to have an account at the website (and it's in Japanese).

A number of things you get to see besides the attention to detail Arc System Works put into highlighting in the video:
  • At 00:20 you see how Noel's drive, Chain Revolver has changed. Not only is it darker, but apparently the rumors that you can jump-cancel it are true.
  • At 00:26 you see a new move from Litchi.
  • At 00:47 you see one of Tsubaki's distortion drives (or super moves).
  • At 00:58 you see an ominous glimpse of Hazama's astral heat (do want).
Hazama looks like he'll be an interesting chaotic evil sort of character you get to play. Meanwhile, Tsubaki has had the Internet a buzz due to her unique drive which is reminiscent of Order Sol's charging gameplay. It's also interesting to note both Ragna and Jin attack Hazama together at the end, implying they may finally put their differences behind them and work together against a common enemy. As you can tell, I'm dedicated fan and am glad to bring you this latest bit of news about the sequel. Hopefully the wait for the console release isn't too long.

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